Boyz to Men's Rainbow Cinema Treat

This week, the boys got a treat. Through a partnership between Focus and Rainbow Cinemas, the boys had the opportunity to go to the movies for free! Since it was the boys were on March break we were able to go to an afternoon showing of "Jack the Giant Slayer". Before we left, some of the boys thought that the movie was intended for a bit of a younger audience, but most enjoyed it when we talked about it in discussions afterwards. Their reactions included "It was sick because of the action but the ending was kind of dull". Some of the boys also thought that the war scene could have been more dramatic. They all liked the action and the special effects that were used with the giants in the movie.

Some of the boys were surprised that there weren't more fight scenes between Jack and the Giant, as it sounded like in the title, while other boys felt that some scenes were too predictable and reminded them of a lot of movies that they have seen before. The boys also agreed that the movie went by a lot faster than they thought it would have been, and were disappointed when it ended.  They were so appreciative of the fact that they were able to see the movie for free, and were curious about whether this would be a regular event in the upcoming Boyz 2 Men sessions. It was nice to be able to reward them for all of their hard work with their healthy eating comic strips and we talked about the option of organizing a similar trip in the future.

Brian Bigioni
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