Diva Girls March Break Workshops: Workshop 4

During our March Break Madness the Diva’s did an art activity that gave them the room for creativity, and at the same time express themselves. Their  task was to make a collage using magazine pictures and words that can describe their personality. This activity is to help encourage nonverbal expressions. It will allow the divas to become more aware of their personalities. The girls all understand that everyone is different, and that how a person may carry themselves describes there personality. The girls couldn’t wait to get started on the task. Some of them wanted to paint, or just draw there collage. Anything is accepted because this art work is describing how they view their personality.

After working hard on their masterpieces the Divas each talked about their collage and how it describes their individual personality. Giving each Diva the opportunity to talk about their creation, gives the other girls a chance to see what their peers are really thinking about themselves. Some of the girls like shine things, so they added glitter and pictures of jewelry. Some of the Divas like the finer things that life has to offer ex. Gucci, Chanel, Fendi and of course money .Some girls just like cats and flowers. And then there are some of the girls that just like money. DIVA.

Ending our session with snacks and discussing things amongst the Divas is the way we ended our awesome day. Everyone is excited for tomorrow’s activity. Pat has our last day of March Break Madness jammed pack with fun. Looking forward to what tomorrow has in store for us. Divas.

Karise Reid


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