January Catch da Flava Radio

Welcome back to ‘Catch da Flava’ radio to a great brand new year! We are ever so pumped up to start 2013! This January, we started off our radio topics by discussing all the crazy 2012 highlights. We discussed our favorite ‘Catch da Flava’ radio topics from last year. The notables such as: The Bath Salt special, The Halloween special, The Doomsday 2012, the Luca Magnotta dismemberment of Lin Jun, the controversial KONY 2012, our talented musician ‘Jessica Speziale’ visiting our station Radio Regent, and Nelly Furtado coming to our Last Friday event.

We also enjoyed discussing our community events such as The Nuit Blanche event, the grand opening of the Aquatic Centre, the CRC and the Daniels Spectrum around the Regent Park community, the Block-o-rama, the Show Love and EID, and Sunday in the Park. Nelly Furtado visiting the Daniels Spectrum was much anticipated as well. Lastly, our weekly dose of Rob Ford doing his worst around the city.

So much for 2012 highlight, let’s talk about our January shows. The New Year began by ending the longest NHL lockout of the season, while the Toronto Raptors started a temperamental up and down slopes of winning some and losing some. There were still negotiations with the ministry and school educators about whether to Go on Strike or Not To Go On Strike. There was also the big commotion happening around Attawapiskat which created the movement “Idle No More”.

This month felt very fast for all of the CatchdaFlava crew surviving the holiday season but we are all back and energize for more crazy topics as usual. The regulars and all the newer kids in our radio shows are certainly grateful that this radio program existed for their learning purposes and very expressive of it.

That’s it for this month, Catch Da Flava Radio edition. Till next time, tune in every Tuesday from 7:30-8pm, and every Wednesday 7-8pm.

Jerry z
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