You Are What You Eat - Divas

The following are journal entries from a few of the girls in the Diva program. The girls speak on their findings after reviewing photos they took of the food in their home and discussions on the benefits and drawbacks of healthy and unhealthy food choices. 

Diva Girls Journal Entries Healthy Food vs Junk Food
Last week me and my sister got a camera to take home and take pictures of healthy food and junk food. Some stuff I learned or knew about junk (food) was that… junk food is mostly stuff with a lot of sugar and they make you fat and lazy… well most junk food. Some stuff I learned or knew about healthy food is that healthy food is vegetables, fruits and more. I also know that people think healthy food is gross mostly because its good for them. The kind of pictures I took were of apples, orange juice, apple juice, fruits, vegetables, green food and more. I chose those foods because they are healthy and keep you fit.
My sister and I got to take a camera home and we got to take pictures of healthy and unhealthy food so basically all the food we ate when we were home… If you eat healthy food it is good for your body and good for your health. You can get diabetes, cholesterol and other bad things for your health if you eat junk food.

This week we took pictures of the food we ate at home. I had to take a camera home and take a picture of our fridge and the things we have on our plate. I realized that when I took the pictures that I have more healthy food than junk food but I never actually realized that till I took the pictures. Healthy foods are better than junk food because it determines the way I function for the day.  

Healthy foods are good for you. Taking pictures of the food in my home made me realize how much healthy food we have.

Healthy living is good to stay healthy because when you get older you can get a lot of sickness or even obese. Some sicknesses are diabetes from to much sugar, cholesterol from to much salt and some veggies can help with these problems. For example, carrots help you see better, eating healthy can help you look younger and extend your life span.

My favorite kind of food are mostly healthy foods because healthy food is naturally yummy and junk food uses random stuff to make it yummy. Although, I do like junk food because the taste of different types of junk food is "juicy" but healthy food gives you good benefits in life so that's why you should eat your fruits and vegetables. Junk food gives you no benefits… well maybe for some foods and it also gives you fat. -Julia

Healthy foods keep you fit and living longer, they give you energy and junk food make you fat. They make you lazy and they will shorten your life if you eat a lot. Once in a while they are fine. Healthy foods don't cause problems for your body. Junk food can give your body problems, they can give you diabetes, high cholesterol and heart stroke. Junk food can make you obese and being obese raises your chances of getting cancer.

T. Mujuzi
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