Resiliency Workshop (Boys 2 Men)

Today the Boys2Men group was very active physical as well as cognitively in there thinking on the topic on Resiliency. They learn that resiliency is the social academic competence, despite exposure to severe stress. It is important for these young boys to develop this skill at an early age to build up the ability to solve problems, being self-motivation, self-awareness, assertiveness, a sense of duty to self and others, and the capacity for reflection and meaning making. The facilitator discussed life skills and self-control in coping with physical impulses such as anger, in a school setting based on school lifestyle in dealing with daily challenges. She also brought some balloons and asked the youth to blow air into the balloon and match it with how resilient they are and what scenarios they had shown resiliency. Some of the boys showed how big and massive their balloon was to match their resiliency levels, others showed in the medium average. They were asked what kind of strategies they would use as well as how resilient they are in certain situations according to their lives based on the aspects in their lives, since life is full of the unexpected and negative events that intrude in our lives and can derail, but resiliency is our self-righting capacity.

However, resiliency in addition speaks this message “If we think we are fragile and broken, we will live a fragile, broken life. If we believe we are strong and wise, we will live with enthusiasm and courage. Within the group discussion the boys get to know their strengths and weakness as to the social factors which is letting the boys2men group help built self-awareness of themselves in fighting internal and external challenges in which they encounter in their individual or personal lives as young men. As the boys respond to the questions of the facilitator of the group, they were very sincere about their thoughts and feelings regarding answering questions, even though they were pretty active physically. They have gained vast majority knowledge from the group discussion, which they will apply to develop self-growth as young role models for other young men in and outside of their community setting.

Written by Demar Nevers
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