Healthy Eating Workshop (A Visit From CAMH)

Today the boys had the opportunity to participate in a healthy eating workshop facilitated by Jorge Ginieniewicz from the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health. They started out by drawing all of the healthy and unhealthy foods that they could think of. From there, Jorge lead the boys through a discussion about some common misconceptions around healthy foods and eating habits. Although the boys were disappointed to hear that some of their favorite foods were grouped into the unhealthy section, they all seemed to agree that they felt better after they had eaten a nutritious meal, rather than a fast food option. 

After the group discussion, Jerry prepared a nutritious snack for the boys. The boys then discussed whether they felt it qualified as a "healthy" snack or not. After thanking Jorge for leading us through the workshop, the boys did a quick clean-up and left for the night.  



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