Diva Girls Resiliency Workshop

This week, Chris Leonard was our special guest speaker. Chris came in and facilitated a workshop about resiliency. Chris talked to the girls about the different ways in which they can go about protecting themselves and bouncing back from tough times and adversity. Chris also spoke to the girls about the benefits that came with a healthy amount of confidence and positive attitude.

The girls contributed to the conversation by talking about the experiences they’ve had thus far. Some of the girls in the group spoke about friends who had low resiliency and how they would benefit from programs like the Diva Girls, especially when it came to workshops like this particular one. These conversations led to stories about how some of the girls were able to help their friends through personal hardships and when you have resiliency you are able and strong enough (both mentally and emotionally) to help those around you. With that said, you should also surround yourself with trusting and supportive relationships (such as good friends, family members, teachers and guardians). The girls themselves had the opportunity to share their feelings with Chris who in turn gave them advice on ways to deal with the pressures and challenges of everyday life.

Nearing the end of the workshop, Chris had one more activity prepared. Chris blew a balloon and the girls had to tell her when to stop, by doing so, it would indicate that the size of the balloon was the size of that person’s resiliency. Chris would then ask each girl what she could do to increase the size of her resiliency and all the girls felt comfortable enough to share their thoughts and feelings with the rest of the group. There were different ranges of resiliency. Stemming from low to medium to high and each girl had a different approach for increasing their personal resiliency.

At the end of the session Chris surprised the girls with a yummy announcement. It turns out that on Thursday during the Boys2Men workshop session, Chris had made a bet with the boys that whichever group fidgets less during the workshop would win pizza for the following week’s workshop. The girls were excited and thankful to Chris for her overwhelming generosity.

All in all, this week ended on a positive note. The girls had fun and Chris stated that she would love to come back for another workshop session with the girls.

R.T. Mujuzi
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