Diva Girls - Resiliency Workshop - Journals

The ladies in the Diva Girls program had a special guest speaker this week; Chris Leonard, an expert in the benefits of healthy resiliency spoke to the girls about confidence and self-love. The girls also had the chance to share their feelings and experiences with Chris who in turn gave them advice on how to deal with the pressures and challenges of everyday life.

The following are journal entries from a few of the Diva Girls:
Resiliency is when you bounce back from hard times, have self-confidence and love yourself.
This week at the diva girls we had Chris come in, she works in the health center and she deals with people who struggle with things that stress people. She taught us what resiliency is and how you can recover from not being resilient and how to stand up or help someone who can’t seem to recover by themselves. Chris also made me realize how resilient I am.
Today we focused on resiliency. We talked about what it means to bounce back from after you fall down and how to improve your resiliency. Each of us shared a story about a person we knew that fell but didn’t get up. Also, one of the girls talked about how she knew a girl who wanted to end her life and how she talked her out of it. We were all proud of her for that.
My favourite part of the day would have to be when we blew up balloons to represent the amount of resiliency we have in ourselves. We discussed how to improve it and in the end we won a pizza dinner and got to learn a lot about resiliency.
Today I learned that resiliency means to bounce back and to overcome your fear. The people who have resiliency are the people who share their feelings with the people they trust. Everyone should always improve on their resiliency and should always at least try.
Chris taught us so much in a fun way. For people who need help, they should express themselves in programs like Diva Girls.
R.T Mujuzi
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