Diva Girls - Healthy Eating and How it Affects Your Mind

This week, Dr. Laura was our guest speaker. She spoke to the Diva Girls group about the relationship between mental health and eating habits. 

Dr. Laura (last name here) had the girls split up into two groups and draw pictures of what they considered healthy and unhealthy foods. the girls drew pictures of fast food items such as KFC, french fries, and hamburgers on the unhealthy side. The healthy side drew pictures of fruits, vegetables, breads, and pastas. 

Dr. Laura talked about how these foods relate to emotions and how eating healthy vs. unhealthy foods made them feel mentally and emotionally. some of the girls said they could actually feel the difference in how they felt after eating fast food; as opposed to eating a healthy meal. After eating healthy food, one of the girls said she felt her concentration levels become stronger during the day.

The girls talked about negative effects of unhealthy and processed foods, such as low energy, hunger shortly after eating, and having less concentration levels during the day. The group discussed the future negative side effects such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity, among others. 

As well as discussing healthy and unhealthy eating, the discussion included that its very important to be aware of preservatives such as  sodium and salt; added sugars; and High Fructose Corn Syrup in the foods they eat. 

The girls concluded their is definitely  a correlation between what they eat, how it makes them feel, and how it affects their concentration levels, emotions and energy levels throughout the day. They understood the relationship between the foods they eat and how they feel afterwards.

Drawing the pictures of healthy vs. unhealthy foods, and discussing the pros and cons of food choices we make was a great activity to teach the importance of how eating eating affects the mind and the body to the group. It was a positive experience for everyone, and the The Diva Girls had a great understanding of the importance of eating healthy. Thank you, Dr. Laura! 
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