December Radio Blog 2012

A very smooth but lively month for the ‘CatchdaFlava Radio crew’ again. It must be the yuletide season around the corner. This is the time when everyone was talking about the ‘Doomsday 2012’  which is around December 21st. Everyone was sort of freaked out about the end of the world and how they are gonna deal with it when it happens on that specific date. As for myself, I bought 2 seat tickets for the Toronto Raptors game for the wife and myself to deal with Doomsday. The CatchdaFlava crew was also excited about wanting to see the much awaited movie “The Hobbit” by Peter Jackson, which were a few weeks after December.  Aside from these topics we had a few weekly doses of Rob Ford’s Idiosyncrasies as usual. On the political spectrum of things, the update of Tim Hudak rallying to make wines, beer, spirits to be available at any convenience stores other than LCBO alone. There were a lot of Elementary and High School teacher strikes getting organized this month. In addition, the ‘CatchdaFlava radio youth crew’ provided news content of random event from high schools around the world one telling about the Sandy Hook tragedy and another one talking about a student exposing his personal software on his yearbook. As always, we have some Rant moments about what comes with the Christmas holidays, the shopping madness and crazy people. Midnight madness, Black Fridays, and Boxing Day event and it goes on and on. It was a very short month for us this December due to the holidays, but the youth energy and participation was off the hook even more this month. When attendance is high, the studio room may sometimes be over its capacity when there are 10 or more members that are in the studio. When the youths are passionate and enthusiastic, they are usually all eager to go on the microphone because they are strongly interested and engaged in  the topic. For that reason, they may tend to talk over one another at times which can be very distracting or can be very funny. We do apologize for these challenges our CatchdaFlava crew were facing at times, but that is the progress youth radio programs have to learn to become future broadcasters. Once again, tune in every Tuesday 7:30 pm 8:00 pm and Wednesday 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Jerry Z
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