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Not to get mushy over our ‘CatchdaFlava’ radio blog, I think it’s fair to say that we have grown fond of each other over the year and created great friendship both professionally and personally. Our attendance continued to increase with consistency. In addition, our participation level is off the chains due to the confidence level, enthusiasm, the energy, and the sense of humour the youth has shown while in the radio session. They are attacking the microphone and the soundboard with great finesse and conviction inside the radio room! This is what the youth radio program is all about. I am so proud! But anyhow, without further ado, our November radio topics! Of course we have to talk about Rob Ford monthly or even weekly, because he is always the Toronto Local news. Rob Ford once again filled the News Media because of his hilarity and eccentricity we may say he's our "Village Idiot". This month he was involved in the TTC squabble with regards to his football team requiring a TTC bus.  The TTC bus driver stated she was scared for her life that she might get lynched by the mob of TTC customers when they are suddenly getting kicked off the bus so that a football team by the Mayor can be picked up. TTC transcripts had proven that there was a call made to Transit Control to provide a pick up for Rob Ford’s football team after a fight broke off and his football team was threatened with violence. Another epic fail was that a judge found Mayor Rob Ford had breached the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and removed him from office last month. The sad part was that he was granted a stay pending an appeal. The good thing this month is that Olivia Chow is not saying no to the mayoral candidacy in the coming by-election.  Hooray! For Jack Layton’s wife! Movember movement was great this year and so was the Remembrance Day. Felix Baumgartner, the sky jumping hero that plunged into freefall and broke the speed of sound last October. A few weeks later, news poured out that he was involved in assault charges. Just when you thought you’re all good someone will bring you back down from your clouds. Speaking of sky and clouds, there was a beautiful Solar Eclipse was happening in Australia in the morning. Obama just won while Kevin Clash ‘the Elmo’ from Sesame Street had to resign due to numerous allegations of sex scandal with underage boys. Argos won while Justin Bieber got booed off the stage doing a performance for the Grey Cup. Salvation Army was robbed and after further investigation, they found out it was an inside job involving its own Executive Director. Overall, I think it was a very great month for the CatchdaFlava radio youth and continues to have the nurturing atmosphere for our future announcers and broadcasters in the Regent Park community. Until next time, tune in to catchdaflava radio every Tuesday 7:30 to 8:00 pm and Wednesday 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

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