October Catch da Flava Radio

What is the highlight of the October shows? Let me see… All I can say is that -  “it was so awesome!” Nelly Furtado, the Grammy winner visited Regent Park at the Daniels Spectrum and opened our show for our community event called “The Jam!” which was formerly known as the Last Fridays. It was a great experience for the youth around the Regent Park community to have Nelly give them the mentorship and give all the young artists and performers inspiration to be great just like her. The catchdaflava radio crew was sworn to secrecy and was very discreet not to mention about her visit as it is supposed to be a surprise for the youth and the community. Imagine handling that capacity of the crowd traffic for Nelly Furtado at the Daniels Spectrum if they knew she was coming?!!! Anyhow, enough about Nelly, there was a lot of pumped up topics that happened this month. Amanda Todd made a huge impact when she posted videos on Youtube and Facebook after revealing her stories and then died a few days after. It is so tragic that it had to get that far for people to pay attention to the seriousness of “Bullying” and how it can affect people’s lives. May you rest in peace 15 year old soul! On the political spectrum, Premier Dalton McGuinty surprise decision to resign and let someone carry on the Liberal flag. US presidential election is underway so there were a few debates that had taken place between Romney and President Obama on the topics of economics, energy / power supply, birth control, and ‘Binders Full of Women’. The first round, Romney took the win because Obama was too relaxed and got too comfortable… The Second round, Obama got some redemption.  Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of sound he is now globally famous after skydiving to earth from the edge of space in an extraordinary daredevil stunt last month . Malala was shot by the Taliban and got hospitalized due to her political advocacies for women’s right to fair education. Omar Kadhr comes back to Canada from Guantanamo to serve the rest of his sentence.  We also announced our Halloween Fear special before the end of the month and segued it to the Doomsday 2012 coming up at the end of the year. So funny! Well, that’s it until next time, so stay tuned to ‘Catch da Flava radio folks to hear the youth’s episodes and hilarity.

- Jerry Z
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