Divas - Stop Bullying

This week, the ladies in the diva girls program showcased their acquired knowledge on the things they've learned thus far. The girls competed in a Jeopardy styled competition but before the competition, the girls presented their "Stop Bullying" posters. Each group vocalized their views on why it is wrong and the harmful side effects that can stem from it.

After presentations, the girls were split into teams. Each team decided on a group name; The Five Musketeers, The Directioners and The Winners. With a list of categories to choose from, the girls jumped at the chance to showcase their knowledge.

With only five minutes to go and two teams tied at first place, a bonus question was asked to break the tie. After multiple hints were given and groans were heard, The Directioners pulled through and solved the bonus question. For their prize, The Directioners received tickets to the movies.

As a facilitator, I was pleased to see that the girls remembered the things they learned and were extremely enthusiastic about showcasing their knowledge with the rest of the girls.

R.T. Mujuzi
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