Boyz 2 Men - Nov 29th 2012

This week, the Boyz to Men program had a very enthusiastic day. This week the boys were excited because they were reunited with their first program facilitator Jerry.

This week the boys participated in many group activities. The first game they played was called "Group Juggle". The objective of the game was for the boys to be able to pass a ball around in the circle using their legs to their peers. At first it was tricky, but finally the boys got the hang of it and were able to pass it around in the circle without dropping it. Jerry decided to challenge the boys, he asked them to close their eyes and pass it to their peers, you were only allowed to open your eyes once you passed the ball off. The purpose of closing their eyes was to teach the boys not only teamwork ship but to enhance trust in one another.

Next on the agenda the boys played a game called "Variations on Chairs". The objective of the game was to have one chair less than the amount of people in the room. The person in the middle had to ask a question and if it applied you had to switch seats with another person in the room. The person in the middle's job was to get the empty chair before someone else did.

At the end of the program Jerry treated the boys to some very delightful and delicious snacks. The boys had some very fond memories with Jerry, and he will truly be missed. The boys can't wait to see what's plan for them next week.

- Danielle A.

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