Boyz 2 Men - Fitness Interview

Yay! Congratulations, you did it, the boys made it to their last week of their fitness challenge with their trainer Angela. The boys were really sad that the fitness challenge, had come to an end. The Boyz to Men group successfully completed their 4 week fitness challenge without any sore or broken bones.

The boys have physically grown, and have improved and have shown so much progression over the past 4 weeks. On the last day Angela put the boys to the test, she quizzed the boys on the how to properly stretch , the proper names of the muscles in the human body, and how to eat healthy. The boys knew every single answer right off the bat, and when one member was stumbling, another group member would come to the rescue, and help out his fellow peer.

To wrap everything up the boys as well as Angela were interviewed by Emmanuel the video coordinator. The boys showed true team player qualities from start to finish and really enjoyed themselves, and hope in the near future to participate in another fitness challenge.

- Danielle A.
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