Boys to Men - Rolemodel Workshop

On Thursday November 22nd 2012, the Boys to Men program had a very productive and inspirational day. The theme for this week was for the boys to make a poster of who their role model is and why they look up to that person. The boys were told that they could either work on project in groups or individually. All of the boys used the internet to look up pictures of their role models, if they could not find them in the magazine that were provided for this activity. Staff then printed the selected pictures, that the boys used to create their posters. 

The boys went on the create very creative and interesting posters. The boys were also expected to explain why they look up to that person.The boys were so focused on their posters, some boys were also very detail oriented they researched more information about their role model, so they could have accurate information on their posters. When all the boys were successfully done with their posters, all the members of the Boys to Men group sat down, and respectfully listened to each one of their peers presentation. 

The first group to present was Mousbah and Noor, their role model was Michael Jordan also known as MJ. They explained how in their opinion that Michael Jordan was the greets basketball player who ever play in the NBA. To add to that he makes the best sneakers in the world. They look up to him because Michael never made his high school basketball team, but that did not discourage him from playing basketball, it only pushed him harder to successes.

The second presenters were Brian, Mustafa and Said, their role model was Derrick Rose also known as D-Rose. They explained that they looked up to Derrick Rose because they all think he is the best player in the NBA. Also because he won MVP two times in a row. Back in 2008, he was voted the Rookie of the Year.

Basboos' role models are Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. He looks to both of these males as role models because they both showcase multiple talents. Eddie Murphy is an actor, stand-up comedian, writer, singer, and musician. While Chris Rock is an actor, screenwriter, comedian, television producer, film producer, and director. He hopes to one day be able to showcase his many talents to the rest of the world, and be really successful.  

Lately to present was Abu's role model is the late Bernie Mac. He explained that he looked up to him because he taught him even though you come from a bad past, it doesn't mean you still can't be successful, and that he is really funny. He was also one of the King's of Comedy.

The boys learned so much about their peers each and every week, and are so excited to see what's in stores for them next week.

- Danielle A.
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