Boys to Men - Comic Life Workshop

On Thursday November 15th, 2012 the Boyz to Men program continued working on their posters using Comic Life 2, to define what masculinity is in their own eyes. This week was really exciting we had 2 new members joining us to take part in the Boyz to Men program.

Comic Life 2 is a program that is used around the world not only for recreational purposes, but educational purposes too. With Comic Life 2, the users get the opportunity to take their creative ideas to the next level.

To start off the program this week, we had a brief discussion with the Boys about if they remember what masculinity is, define it, and explain why they view masculinity that way. The boys were so focused and motivated that they all started their masculinity posters, and successfully completed them in one session of the Boyz to Men program meeting.

When all the boys were completely done, the boys got the chance to express themselves, and explain why they designed their poster the way they did. Each boy got a chance to share, and each boy got a chance to listen to their peers point of views on how they see masculinity. The boys were bursting with energy and really enjoyed themselves this week. The boys are so pumped, and can't wait to see what's in stores for them when they come back next week.

- Danielle A.
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