The Diva Girls Program October 12, 2012

The Diva Girls Program October 12, 2012

Stereotyping has existed in our cultures and communities for years now, this past Friday the girls learned what it is to stereotype and the impact stereotyping can have on those individuals being impacted. Therefore, after introducing a few new girls to the program with another energizing ice breaker activity, which needless to say, got the girls up and active. The girls settled down and proceeded to explore ways in which stereotyping has impacted them in their personal lives.

To give you a brief insight, the girls talked about how the media portrays them as teens, how adults sometimes brush aside their concerns when voiced because they are "too young" and also how others perceive them based solely on their attire or cultural beliefs.

One way that a stereotype can develop is when one individual has an opinion about a person which would then be transferred to everyone in that group, community or culture. These stereotypes may developed through these individuals (personal) experiences, but as the girls learned, stereotyping is wrong and unfair. We should always remember to look at each person as an individual because one person isn't identical to the next. We all have our differences and that's whats unique about a place like Regent Park Focus. You get exposed to individuals from all walks of life and you yourself are treated like an individual and not an assumption or worse a generalized opinion.
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