September - Catch da Flava Radio

September turned out to be another chaotic month for the Catch da Flava radio crew with all the community events going on around Regent Park. When I said chaotic, I meant poppin with such “ill—sickness” of events and topics to discuss! One such event is the grand opening of the Daniel’s Spectrum (The Regent Park Arts and Cultural hub) another one is the Nuit Blanche, which was held at the end of the month and you can check out our Last Friday / Nuit Blanche blog and you will see what this was all about. Our topics were consisted of a few updates from very highly amazing people of interest such as Omar Khadr’s much awaited return to Canada, Cris Brown’s talk of his breach of probation and getting tested positive for Marijuana use, and also the “Bullied Grandma the Bus monitor” receiving the donation money here in Canada! There were a few celebrity deaths such as Michael Clarke Duncan and Jerry Lawler, but a lot of death hoax also came out this month specifically “Alfonso Ribeiro” the “Carlton Banks of Fresh Prince of Belair” and our favorite “Morgan Freeman” apparently died. Not!!! Some more notable radio discussions were “Back to School issues”, the Spanking Ban”, “Jean Charest defeat” and “The New Canadians revocations of their citizenship due to immigration fraud”… I guess that is about it for now so come check out Catch da Flava radio every Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:00 pm and Wednesdays 7:00 to 8:00 pm at Thanks

To listen to our archived radio shows go to:
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