Catch da Flava Radio - Month of August in Review

A very busy month for ‘The Mammal’ (the mobile medialab)… The Mammal as mentioned from some of our blogs, is a 2 rider-bicycle that looks like a boxy looking snail that carries media equipments such as speakers, radio transmitter, soundboards, microphones etc. We take this bike lab into community events and do live broadcasts and radio performances. We can show films on the bikelab as well because we can set it up as a mini stage. The Mammal is soo amazing! We took this bike lab into so many different community events the last 2 months of the summer and did our radio show and live interviews. The Sunday in the Park is one of them, Show Love, and EID, and the Last Friday events are just among the few that got The Mammal some exposure.

We had a bunch of hilarity as usual for our radio shows this month. Rob Ford was busy too, with all the scrutiny surrounding him these past few months with regards to his ignorant comments to getting caught reading and driving! As if he had already learned his lesson the first time he got caught texting and driving! Does he even have friends to text to? Kidding aside, The Olympics was also happening and the Canadians believed to have been cheated in few of the challenges especially the Women’s soccer! Wow, Let me see! What else are there that we discussed? There are just too many to say. The Mars Rover! Mitt Romney bloopers introducing Paul Ryan as the president and last but not the least… the popular book everyone has been talking about! “Fifty Shades Of Grey”! Which should have been called Filthy Shades *smirk*.

I guess that is all I can remember. Make sure you stay tuned for the Catch da Flava radio crew Tuesday from 7:30 – 8:00pm, and Wednesday from 7:00 – 8:00pm for some more hilarious youth talk radio. Thanks.

- Jerry Zabarte
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