The Diva - September 28, 2012

This past week The Diva Girls were excited to work on the character sketch activity they had started on the previous week but due to some unforeseen circumstances this had to be put on hold. The girls in the program were invited to help out with the Nuit Blanche preparation; therefore, the days activity had to be put on hold.

The girls who remained participated in activities that engage them physically and mentally. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves immensely and one girl remarked that this was the first time in The Diva Girls program that they weren't required to learn something. This of course threw me for a loop considering the fact that the activities the girls partook in were filled with learning materials. For example, one of the activities required the girls to think quickly while under pressure and respond actively. During one of these activities I had asked all the girls wearing denim to stand and that alone ensued a five minute conversation. It appeared the girls didn't know what denim was. This in itself was a learning experience and yet the girls were oblivious to that fact.

This just goes to show that there's a learning opportunity if your willing to ask questions and I'm glad to see that the girls are eager to learn and not afraid to ask these questions.

R.T. Mujuzi
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