The Diva - September 21st, 2012

The young ladies in The Diva Girls program showcased their imagination, creativity and writing skills this past Friday when they were asked to write short stories. Using the same character sketch outline and with the help of the instructor the girls wrote stories with unique details. To give you a brief insight of how grand their imagination can stretch, imagine a "five foot female" with "zebra like hair" or better yet a "super smart… soothsayer" that is "beautiful during the day and ugly at night".

After coming up with the character sketch and the setting of the story, the girls were then divided into small groups. Each group was given a secret identity for their character. One group whispered in excitement upon finding that there character is an alien, while another could barely contain their excitement as they dived pencil first into brainstorming a storyline for the man who turned into an evil clown at night.

The creativity did not end at the written work. One group created a little book with colourful drawings, another created a beautiful cover page for their story and another couldn't resist acting out how their character looked and behaved when presenting their story. 

When asked what they learned or liked, the girls response ranged from how to write short stories to simply enjoying the opportunity to work as a group. They were also quick to vocalize that they enjoyed the fact that each character had something unique about them, something that differentiated them from the other groups character. The instructor ensured to ask (after all the girls presented their stories) if they noticed the unique character differences and The Diva Girls were quick to respond with the right answers, proving that they indeed were paying attention when the other groups presented their stories.

When it was time to prepare for departure, the girls requested that they continue working on their stories during the next diva girls meet up, and to say the least, how could we possibly deny them another opportunity to sharpen their writing skills?

By: L.T. Mujuzi
Placement Student
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