THE Environment 101: Workshop with Tara Valley

The Regent Park Focus Staff engaged in a workshop with senior consultant and mould specialist, Tara Valley from Environmental Services Group Inc. The purpose of having this workshop is to obtain information in order to incorporate it into the Air Quality Project as part of the collaboration with Live Green Toronto. Tara told us seven parameters to indicate mould: temperature, humidity, VOC's, carbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), dust and formaldehyde. She showed us the equipment that would help them track signs of mould although they are very expensive. As well she told some the aspects of Asbestos like how they found in building material products such as drywall and plaster and how it causes diseases such Asbestosis within the lungs of Human beings. Overall the workshop was amazing and information will be useful for the Air Quality Project.

This project was funded (in part) by a grant from Live Green Toronto, a program of the City of Toronto.

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