Regent Park Community News: In Production!

The week of July 23 was a busy day for the RPTV Crew (Emmanuel, Tresvonne, Omar and Ruhul). They were focusing on ideas we relating to issues that children may encounter with their parents for a script as part of the production for an episode of "Divorce your Parents". As well, the RPTV Crew were developing for another episode of Regent Park Community News.

Some of the segments include the grand opening Toronto Kiwanis Miles and Kelly Nadal Youth Centre, the grand opening of the Daniel's Learning Centre, Ramadan, and Last Fridays. As part of the Ramadan segment, the RPTV Crew had an interview with Regent Park Resident, Atharul Khan. Atharul talked about certain aspects Ramadan such as fasting, and what happens on the last ten days of Ramadan (Lailatul Quadr). The RPTV Crew will be starting on production for Regent Park Community News crew is currently filming the next episode that will be available next wee online.

- Ruhul Miah
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