REEL EXPERIENCE: Video workshops with youth from the Crescentown Community

Prior to Summer, Regent Park Focus in collaboration with "Youth Assisting Youth" have been working in various projects with youth within the Crescent Town community. Adonis, Emmanuel and Ruhul worked with one of the supervisors, Danny Fee and the youth from the Crescentown community  to develop 15 video projects based on various topics which includes promoting some the aspects of the Crescent Town Community, and drug awareness.  Some of the videos were about resources in the Crescentown community.

Also theres a video about bullying and violence, which is basically about how to report a crime, and how to do it anonymously with CrimeStoppers. We also a video that featured some of the youth who were part of the video program. 

Another great video was on the game of cricket, in which youth from Crescentown gave basic rules of the game.

The youth had an amazing time working on the projects as they were able to develop their skills within the media arts. Overall this was an amazing experience collaborating with "Youth Assisting Youth".

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