Boyz 2 Men - "AGO"

The Boys II Men program has been running since April every Thursday during after school hours. The purpose of establishing the Boys II Men program is to get male youth to engage in activities in order to improve their facilitation skills, their communication skills and their cooperation skills and as well as to get them active at the same time. Activities include sports, arts and crafts and field trips and of course media-related activities. Boys enrolled in this program are entitled in choosing the activities and to free refreshments. Through out the course of the program, the boys were heavily active when it came to physical activities. These boys really enjoy playing basketball and running games, which includes tag and manhunt. Other games they played include dodge ball and swimming. As well, the Boys II Men program provides a learning experience as the boys learn about issues hat are going on in today’s society.  The boys learned about the negative aspects of drug-use and issues involving masculinity and male dominance.  The boys created a radio documentary to discuss their personal views on masculinity and what it takes to be a man. The boys also went to field trips as part of the program. They went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to look at amazing artworks such as paintings and sculptures created by famous artists. While looking at sculptures they learned how much these artworks are worth. Along the way in the Art Gallery, these boys learned a lot about famous artist, Picasso.  The boys as well took a tour at the chocolate factory in the distillery district. During the tour the boys learned about the history of the factory.  Most recently, the boys went to the Jimmy Simpson community pool for a swim.  The success of the program allowed it to continue throughout the summer.
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