Air Quality Health Index Workshop

On this day we had a guest by the name of Grace Leui, a nurse from Toronto Public Health, come in to help share some research and information on air quality with the Regent Park Focus team that will be working with the Toronto Live Green project. We will be creating posters, radio and video PSAs about air quality for Live Green.

We learned many things about smog, pollution and unhealthy airborn particles that could reduce air quality. She always shared with us some information on what people can do to help protect themselves from reduced air quality. An air quality health index was also created to allow for people at home to monitor the air quality outdoors before they leave for the day to see if its safe to do certain activities outside. We also tackled a couple topics such as reducing vehicle emissions. The following tips included: riding a bike, walking or local transit for short distances, carpooling and even something called trip chain. Trip chain is combining errands into one journey rather than making several separate car trips.

Stay tuned in the new year for posters, radio PSA's and video PSA's that will be generated from the use of this great information provided by our guest Grace Leui from Toronto Public Health!

This project was funded (in part) by a grant from Live Green Toronto, a program of the City of Toronto.

~ Tyrone
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