Diva Girls Celebration!

The Diva Girls program at Regent Park Focus wrapped up last Friday at the centre for the summer. The girls were excited but sad at the same time. Nevertheless, the Diva Girls may start up again for some workshops this summer. A good group of familiar faces showed up and some new girls too. The girls started off by writing a journal about what the Diva Girls meant to them. They also had to highlight two important Diva girls trips or workshops which included; Healthy Living, Healthy relationships, International Women’s Day special radio show, Science Centre, team work, role models and knitting workshops. Most of the girls wrote about their most recent field trip, which was visiting the chocolate factory downtown. We put on some music and some of them had fun dancing, singing and showing their talents to one another. We than had snacks which included, chips, flavoured popcorn, pizza, onion rings and wedges. We topped it off with soft drinks and cookies. We are thankful all the girls helped with the cleaning up process. They learned great mannerisms, respect, cooperating and how to be creative. The girls loved going to the Science Centre because they got to see cool exhibits and interesting things. The girls learned from the self-esteem workshop that it is important to be a girl, the importance of respecting each other no matter how different you are and that girls should never give up on their dreams. Some of the girls stated how it is important to come to Diva Girls because you get to know girls from different ethnicities and cultures.

Some girls want to come back as volunteers to help out with Diva Girls. The girls love the Diva Girls group because they met many new friends.

“I had a great time coming to Diva Girls. Diva Girls boosted my self-confidence and helped me to encourage myself. I learned about self-confidence and how if something isn’t true don’t bother with it.”


“Diva Girls is a place where girls can speak out and let their voice be heard. The knitting workshop was really fun. I always thought knitting was for old people and that I would never be interested but I actually had fun and I couldn’t stop knitting.”


“I think Diva Girls is important because it is just for girls and no boys are allowed. You don’t have to be shy at all”


Diva Girls is a program that has been part of Regent Park Focus for many years. We hope that as the girls get older and leave the program, they will spread the word to their little sisters, cousins, classmates and girls in the Regent Park community. We hope the girls will be able to take the lessons they learned and utilize them in their daily lives. The Diva Girls program hopes to empower the young girls to build strong relationships so that they can become allies and create awareness of how important it is to be a girl….a Diva Girl.

A special thank you to all of the volunteers and placement students who helped facilitate with the Diva Girls Program.
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