Boyz 2 Men Blog May 24

Today proved to be quite an interesting day for the boys. They were able to get some much needed excercise, thanks to Tadios, for bringing his basketball. We met at Regent Park Focus at 4:30pm and went to the basketball court across the street. At around 5:15pm, the boys were hungry, so we went across the street to Noor's Pizza to have a bite to eat. Jerry was kind enough to pay out of his own pocket for the pizzas. The boys got to choose from pepperoni and vegetarian. After the pizzas, we went to Freshco for drinks. at around 6:00, the boys came back to Regent Park Focus;we were able to watch the video recap of the boys to men program that we made a week earlier. It was all in good fun as the boys were able to see themselves in the third person. The boys were so enthusiastic about the boys to men program that they suggested extending the program though the summer. After watching the video, the boys did 30 minutes of comic art. Theme of this program was a self portrait. Many of the boys already had experiment with Comic Art, and were able to help their peers with the program. Overall, the boys and the staff had a wonderful time.
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