Boyz 2 Men "Balloon Toss"

A lot of pumped up action once again today with the Boys To Men crew. We decided to play a challenge activity game that involved coordination and teamwork. We called this game the “Balloon Toss”. In this game we used balloons and filled it with water and then, the boys were supposed to pair up with someone and form a line parallel across their teammate. Then they toss the balloon with water to their team partner. The partner then will try and catch the balloon and prevent it from dropping onto the ground so it won’t burst and explode. The team that drops and let the balloon burst will be out. The last team standing without dropping the balloon will be the prizewinner. Natnael and Noor were the last remaining team so they won the chocolate box prize. After that, we took the show indoors and had some nachos and dips and some bruschetta bread for the snack break. Andrew took over after the snack break and assigned the boys some tasks for a radio PSA with regards to the theme of masculinity. The boys were supposed to find video clips on “how to be a real man” and attach it on an email and send it to Andrew. Overall, the kids had a great busy day and enjoyed all the program activities.
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