Boyz 2 Men - AGO

This week all the boys got ready and got all pumped up to go to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Surprisingly, there were more boys that had shown up for this trip than usual. There are no words to describe how the boys felt on having the experience to see the greats, the painters, the sculptors, and artists. When we arrived we were fortunate enough to meet an elderly lady that took us around the Art Gallery. She was more than kind enough to show us bits and pieces of the works of Picasso. There was an exhibition show for Picasso that day but we were not allowed to go view most of his work, and the kids got disappointed. This is due to the fact that we had to pay an extra $5.50 for each person to upgrade our admission to see the show, but we had limited funds. Overall, the kids learned a lot about the painters and were very fascinated by their works and legacies. The boys were shocked in learning about the price value and worth of the paintings. They were inspired with the artworks and believed that they will reminisce this experience forever.
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