April Last Friday

Our April Last Friday was really fun. We had an incredible line up of performers. We had the Focus House Band who played some great lively songs. Speaking of Regent Park Focus House Band, we also had Subway Roy perform. He started the Focus House Band. Subway Roy was a placement student at Regent Park Focus and he taught the drumming group. Subway Roy fundraised and raised a lot of money to buy equipment for the band. When the band started Tejah was the original singer. Tejah is the little sister of Trevonne who is still in the Focus House Band. Subway Roy took the band to perform at many events and venues including The Hard Rock Café. Subway Roy rocked the crowd with his guitar skills. However, he did not play the drums.

We also had Kush I Krown perform. Kush is an amazing young woman who sings reggae music. She stated that she is doing this for the kids. She has an amazing spirit. My favourite part was when Kush I Krown gave me a shout out. I love her lyrics. If you want to listen to more Kush I Krown, visit her on reverbnation.

The closing band was a jazz/rock band originally from London, Ontario. Now they reside in Toronto. The band was fun and full of energy. What surprised me was when one of the band members started rapping. He asked if he should freestyle or just bust out a rhyme he always does. Everyone screamed for him to freestyle and in his freestyle he rapped about Regent Park. There was even a baby trying to drum with the drummer from The Breaks.

Everyone was great. The food was some great Caribbean rice, chicken and salad. I am pretty sure that everyone had an amazing time!

See you all at the May Last Friday!

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