Last Friday February

Last Friday for February was awesome! Not only was it fun because Rainbow Cinemas and Rainbow Bear showed up for a surprise visit but we also had incredible performers! We started off the night with some Sri Lankan food which included kothu roti, samosas, and noodles with veggies, shrimp and chicken. We had had some chocolate chip cookies courtesy of radio show host Paul Corby.

The first performers were Projonmo. Projonmo, featuring Shawrov, Ka-Z,Tamim, Rahin and Ajhar is the newest craze to hit your speakers. Infusing both English and Bengali hip-hop/r&b/rock together to bring a new sensation to your ears. However, opportunity presented itself in the form of Re2uned. As time went on, he was introduced to Ka-Z, who was a fellow aspiring Bengali artist.With time, came new faces. Tamim, a classmate of Shawrov's was particularly impressive on the guitars. Ironically it worked out that Tamim somehow ended up being Ka-Z;s neighbor, completing the trio. In 2011, there was the addition of a much awaited drummer (Rahin) and bass guitarist (Ajhar). With a full band at their disposal, they were able to put on a very successful performance for the audience at their REdebut concert along side Topu, a well known Bengali singer. The band performed a few songs from one of my favourite bands Linkin Park.

We had a beautiful young lady by the name of Tiffany Gooch, who sang some classic soulful r & b hits including Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. The youth were so impressed with Tiffany that she ended up meeting with some of the members of the Focus House Band and mentored them in music. Speaking of the Focus House Band, they kicked off the night with their hits and some fun covers. Tiffany currently works for the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty.

We also had young some young talent including the return of poet NitaBeat blasted and dancers from the Diva Girls Program.

The night concluded with an Indie rock band from Vaughn called, Stuck on Planet Earth but better known to their fans as SOPE. SOPE sang songs from their latest EP which included songs like such as; “Do it to Me,” “Honestly Speaking” and “Gone”. The band was going through a lot of emotions making this album and that is why the lyrics are so expressive. Moreover, the band is working on a releasing a new EP. I had a chance to bump into these guys again at Canadian Music Week and they are totally nice!

The crowd really loved these rockers and were so impressed that a lot of them brought their cds. The band also gave out stickers and helped give out prizes from Rainbow Cinemas.

This was an awesome Last Friday that really rocked everyone out! Thank you Rainbow Cinemas for donating prizes!

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