Diva Girls Friday

 Daughter, student, friend, mother, patient and kind were only some of the words that were used by our Diva Girls to describe themselves. In a society where everything is on the go, and there can be so much stress and frustration it’s always nice to take a step back an re-evaluate yourself and your qualities, and that is exactly what this group of young women were able to do. On April 20, the Diva Girls were asked to draw an illustration as they see themselves today. Instantly a group of young artists were born and characters were brought to life. What was most remarkable is that every character was drawn with a smile on their face. They were then asked to write describing words about themselves and where they are in their lives right now. Girls were able to compare their drawings and see that we really aren’t that different from one another. We were all daughters, we all had siblings and we were all currently or had been students. Discussions were raised and we began to find out a little bit more about each other. This activity was taken one step further when the Divas were asked to draw another depiction of themselves, as they envisioned their lives in 25 years. We saw career titles emerge with future doctors and teachers among us. We all saw ourselves as mothers, some with 5 children or more. This is proof about how special our mothers are to us. No one was content with being unemployed or alone; all of these women plan to go to college or university, find a career and be part of loving families. This is testament to the amount of support that these girls are surrounded by. Programs like Diva Girls are necessary, because it is groups like this that strive to ensure that all of these dreams and plans will become a reality.

- Cindy G
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