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Hey it’s Paige, George Brown Student, and as the school year winds down, (the kids aren’t the only ones counting!) we are also winding down here at Diva girls. The program will end for the year in a few months and start back up in September. Since the program is ending soon, we needed to start thinking of something to do for an end of the year project. There has been a really good turn out and new girls joining us, so to start out we did a name game to make sure we knew everybody’s name. What happened was participant one would say their name and do an action. Then participant number 2 would say their name do an action, and then say the person’s name that just went and their action. The pattern repeats itself until everybody goes. It’s a good way to remember because there is a lot of repeating and trying to remember. After that, we played another game to get girls to think about who they are and also learn interesting things about themselves. I gave everybody a piece of paper and everybody wrote down 3 things about themselves. I gathered the papers after and read them out, then everybody had to guess who it was I was reading about. The girls really enjoyed that and it was cool because we did learn a lot of different new things about each other. After this we had to get down to business. What the goal is, is to get the girls to come up with a kind of “end of the year project”. The point of the project is to get them to express what they have learned here and express it through media arts. I gave them a few ideas around photography and slideshows. The girls came up with some ideas too around making t-shirts as well. We wrote down all the ideas and next week we are going to vote and implement some ideas into one. Bye for now, Paige

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