DIVA GIRL workshop

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It’s Hani On March 21, 2012 the girls did workshop about teamwork. At the beginning we discussed about how their day went. We talked about school and any many new things that they wanted to share. Secondly, we did ice breaking games, such as the “Big Buddy” and the “Warp Speed” and the girls love it. Most girls said they had fun and enjoyed playing the games. They even ask me if they can continue to play. I told them the workshop is even better. Then, started the workshop with them. I asked them what a teamwork means to them. Some of the girls said,“Teamwork means the whole group work together”. Some other girls in the group said,“Teamwork meant that the group listens to each other’s opinions, cooporate with one other, and respect the whole group”. After that, I put the girls into small teams and gave them mini marshmallows and toothpicks to build a “Marshmallow Tower”. I told them which ever team wins gets a price. The girls competed and they each wanted their team to win.

The game was fun and covers areas such as; teamwork, communication problem solving and leadership. It allows participants to use negotiating skills and improve their general communication. They also learned the benefit of planning.

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