Boyz 2 Men Day 1

Today was the first day of the Boyz 2 Men program. Unfortunately, we only had one staff member present. The boys who showed up included Fataltal, Natnael, Tadios, Claude, Mousbah, Yacin, Canaan, and Kayden. We did a brief introduction exercise with the boys. We had a bag of skittles; each youth had 2 candies. The rule of the activity is that each colour represented something that the boys were to talk about: Lime represented favorite movie; grape was favorite place, lemon was favorite person; strawberry was favorite food, and orange was the wild card. The boys loved the part when they got to eat the candy. We were able to play a game called acrostics; this is a game in which you choose a person, and use the letters in their name to make a description of the person. Each boy was supposed to pick a male role model and use acrostics to describe him. We lost time of track when we were doing this activity because there was a lot of side talk that was going on. Many interesting characters were talked about. One of the characters mentioned was Michael Jordon. The kids were able to play a game of copy cat; one person was the leader and another person was the guesser. The leader in the group was chosen, while the guesser was behind a door. When the leader was ready, the guesser would try to guess who was the leader, as the leader leads the rest of the group by doing physical movements. The last activity that the boys were supposed to do was to watch a youtube video by anti-sexism activist Jeff Perera, from the White Ribbon Campaign. Unfortunately, the speed of the internet was always fluctuating. During that time period, it was slow and they were unable to watch the video. Over all, it was a fun day.

- James
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