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My name is Laura and through York University’s Regent Park teaching program, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer in Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre computer lab. Here, I’ve had the chance to meet youth from the community in a more relaxed after-school setting and introduce them to interactive programs including Comic Life.
In the computer lab, kids have the chance to build their own storyboards with both images and words using MAC software. Not only do they have the opportunity to learn skills using the latest technology and become more media literate, but they have the chance to share their personal stories and own ideas with their peers and community.
Since September, we’ve grown the program and taught different aspects of technology to kids aged 7-18. In December, we launched a contest to reward kids for their efforts. The resulting entries were amazingly creative and all those who participated received movie tickets to the neighborhood cinema. The contest was quite a hit!
It is incredible to watch kids progress in their technology skills, become more media literate and hopefully continue to successfully build these skills in their future.
We also recognized that many participants were coming to the program hungry after school and we are currently working to develop an after-school snack program with community partners.
2011 has been a great year at Focus. We have a lot of exciting new plans for the new year and look forward to what lies ahead in 2012!
Laura Creedon
Bachelor of Education student
York University, Regent Park Urban Diversity Program
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