A Friday night – with the Regent Park Diva’s

My name is Paige, and I am a student at George Brown College. I am studying to become a community worker, and right now I am doing my placement here, at Regent Park Focus. Today is my first day on the job, and tonight is my first night being apart of the Diva’s girls group.  Many girls showed up for the group, and even though all the girls faces were new to me; there were a few girls that were new to Regent Park Focus, Diva Girls Group.  The girls enjoyed snacks and drinks while out volunteer Heidi taught them how to knit scarfs, one at a time. Heidi put together a bag for each girl to take home; it included knitting needles and different types of yarn. A few of the girls blew me away and knew exactly what they were doing, and many of the girls (un like myself), caught on to knitting and the technique right away. Everybody enjoyed knitting and the time they spent with Heidi so much that Heidi was asked to come back next week for the first hour and continue to help the girls with their projects. Like I said before it was my first night, and it was also my colleague’s first night on the job too. Hani and Melanie are also students at George Brown doing their placement here as well.  For the next three months, they will be helping out with the drop in center and the Diva Group as well as March Break Kids Camp. Before the girls went home, they reflected in their journals. It was hard to pack up because everybody was so busy chatting and having fun!

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