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Hey it’s Paige here again,

In case you missed my last blog, I am a George Brown Student, studying Community Work. I am doing my placement here at Regent Park Focus.
This Friday at Diva Girls there was a pretty good turn out considering some of the girls were unable to make it. Due to the fact that it was a P.A day for the girls in middle school, we started the program at 2 and ended at 4; the downside being, the high school girls didn’t make it!

Friday the 24th, we are holding Last Friday and the Diva girls are going to be participating in it, by doing a poem or a skit. So to get the girls brains going, when they came in we got them to reflect in their journals about Black History Month and how it affects them, positively or negatively. They could also reflect on somebody who they feel should be recognized as a good role model or an important person within Black History Month. Once everybody arrived and wrote for a few minutes, we did a fun icebreaker activity to get to know each other even better. As we went around the circle, everybody says their names and two things about themselves that people might otherwise not know about.

After this we got the girls to sit back down with their journals and see if they were interested in producing a poem. After we figured out who would be participating, we split the girls up in two groups. Hani and Mel took about 6 of the girls and they practiced what they are going to perform.

I look the other girls and taught them different techniques with string, so that they could make friendship bracelets. Some of the girls blew me away with their skills that they had with making bracelets already. We had a really good day. Many of the girls ended up staying and hanging out as well as playing on the computers, and continuing their bracelets that they were making.

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