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Regent Park Radio,2011 in perspective!

Starting October 2011, I signed up at Radio Regent as Volunteer coordinator. It was all new to me.  I was excited to be volunteering at an organization that used media to engage youth. A half an hour show on internet radio every Tuesday. Our core  participants are Jerry, Fatima, Tresvonne, Emmanuel and  Michele. I had much to learn from the pros.  The first few sessions we went with the flow.  The participants addressed a variety of issues they were interested in and spoke naturally and freely about these topics.  There is a great deal of energy in the sound booth, the jokes, the bloopers just add to the fun we have. Like they say it’s the journey that counts!
  A few weeks into the show it was decided to change the format and give it a little more structure, yet keeping the openness and energy.  The format consisted of a Main Topic, something usually in International/National news that participants wanted to talk about. We spoke about the Liberal win in Ontario, the Occupy Toronto movement and as most of the participants are residents of Toronto, you are welcome to attempt a guess on our position on these issues. Entertainment News comprised the next segment. Obviously a popular segment with our young participants, we spoke about movies, pop culture, celebrity talk.  Mayor Ford provided many opportunities for discussion and I think this trend will continue into 2012. We also added the most fun part of our show called “Rant Time”. We spoke of big and little things that got on our nerves. We just let loose, be it about people who could not live without their cell phones or couples being overtly affectionate in public. We aired our thoughts! Literally! We look forward to an exciting 2012.

January 24th, 2012.
Most of our participants had the good fortune of being invited for the premiere of the movie Red Tails. They were also lucky to meet Cuba Gooding jr  the major star of the movie who attended the premiere with youth from  FOCUS. The radio show on the 24th consisted of a discussion of the movie.  It’s a movie that told a story of a group of black pilots whose bravery led to the integration of the armed forces, in the background of the civil rights movement. The consensus was that it was an inspiring movie with amazing   aeronautical action scenes.  Wish I had gone for the preview !  We introduced a new segment on this show in keeping with what are youth are interested in. We have decided to talk about a You Tube video or FB posting that catches the eye of our participants. The first clip we spoke about was with regards to a  bunch of  youth beating up an Asian guy.  We talked about the psycology  and consequences of  posting a clip like that.  Apparently, the youth who took part in the crime were all caught by the police!! Obviously!
Our rant consisted of dissing “cheap people”.  Obviously, who wants to get a used bottle of nail polish on their birthday? Cheap eh!! What about all those people who buy stuff and return it in thirty days!!Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!  Looking forward to the next show!!
 Zeebe Khaleeli       
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