Social Media Summer Program - Week 1

Today Regent Park Focus held its first Social Media summer program, led by me, Tyrone MacLean-Wilson a web developer and graphic designer from George Brown College and long term member of Regent Park Focus. In the Social Media program I’m introducing the youth to a new perspective on the e-world they are already familiar with. We focused on blogging and social networking via such websites as blogger, facebook, myspace, twitter and youtube. We are training the youth how to integrate each of these networking sites together and teaching them the reasons why people use them around the world.

Today we worked together to create each of their own unique blogs. Each participant had visually designed their own blog using the tools provided. After creating the main structure of the blogs the participants made a few blog posts to test out the look and feel of their blogs.

Each member was pretty ecstatic about what they have created today. Next up we will be teaching the youth how to integrate youtube videos into their blogs as well as uploading videos directly from their computer to their blog.

- Tyrone
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