June Last Friday

There are many different things that Focus provides. Like the radio show, the Divas program, photography and video programs. One of my favourite things that Regent Park Focus provides is held on the last Friday of every month. What better name to call it than ‘Last Friday’, of course. It’s a time to enjoy, dine on amazing food, and watch fantastic performances, and most of all HAVE FUN. June’s Last Friday was very special. It was going to be the last one before September. I have been to many of them but this one would be one that I would remember forever. We had the Regent Park Focus House band, MPP Glen Murray was there, Marni Levitt, Snooky Tynes, South Side Swagg, and even I performed.

  The first performance was the Regent Park Focus House Band. They performed one of my favourite songs “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz. They also sang some of their own songs. One of their songs was called “Wait another Day”. Another one was called “Love is by my Side”. I think that the audience really enjoyed those songs.

   I got to perform after the Regent Park Focus House Band. It was a lot of fun and I had a lot if support from my friends. When I was done I wanted to go back on stage and do it all over again.

   Snooky Tynes band performed next. They sang soul and old school music on the day. Most of us got up and dance. Adonis got up and showed us a new way to dance called follow the leader. We had so much fun.

     Afterwards, it was Marni Levitt’s turn. They told us a story about a boy who worked in the field and then a creature came, and this creature ate the crops in the garden. They also taught us a song that went with that story.

  Last but not least there was South Side Swagg. They danced to Get Outta Your Mind,  Walka Walka, Freeze, and other songs.  

   Overall, we had a good time. A lot of performances, a lot of dancing, a lot of good food, and a lot of fun (all in a few hours!).

By Iman Zein

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