Jeff the World Interview and live set

This past Wednesday's show was great. We still are still working on a name for it, because the content of the show is different than Tuesday's Catch Da Flava Radio. So a new name is in the works.

We had a great time talking to Chiptune artist, Jeff the World, who came in and answered a few questions from us avid gamers and music fans.

Jeff also played some new songs! OnetwoTres also played his chiptune influenced tracks and the discussion went from Jeff's do-it-yourself rise to fame as well as explaining how he made his tracks with only a few gameboys and old atari computers!

We thank Jeff again for taking the time to come down to the studio to perform and chat!

Listen Here for Part 1 of Jeff The World on Catch da Flava Radio!
Listen Here for Part 2 of Jeff The World on Catch da Flava Radio!
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