Jeff the World Interview and live set

This past Wednesday's show was great. We still are still working on a name for it, because the content of the show is different than Tuesday's Catch Da Flava Radio. So a new name is in the works.

We had a great time talking to Chiptune artist, Jeff the World, who came in and answered a few questions from us avid gamers and music fans.

Jeff also played some new songs! OnetwoTres also played his chiptune influenced tracks and the discussion went from Jeff's do-it-yourself rise to fame as well as explaining how he made his tracks with only a few gameboys and old atari computers!

We thank Jeff again for taking the time to come down to the studio to perform and chat!

Listen Here for Part 1 of Jeff The World on Catch da Flava Radio!
Listen Here for Part 2 of Jeff The World on Catch da Flava Radio!


Focus Blogger said…
Jeff the world also used 2 Gameboys as instruments and taught us a lot about the history of classic video game music and the origins of chip tunes. We had multiple segments of great chip tunes and very deep discussion on the evolution of gaming music as well. I think this was definitely a good start to our music show.

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