Free Summer Workshops at Focus

Our summer workshops are officially underway! Youth come from all across the city to discover and explore the world of media arts. Here, youth can create their very own original videos, radio shows, and photography projects. Some youth come in for just one workshop a week and others decide to participate in multiple workshops throughout the week. Either way they are always welcome. The best part of all is that these workshops are 100% free.

On Mondays we have digital photography and video. Youth come to learn about the different types of shots/angles and get the chance to create their own original projects. In one class the students went outside and explored the regent park community and took photos of the different building and landscape structures.

On Tuesdays young women who are apart of the Women in Radio program get the opportunity to work on producing their very own radio show. Also on Tuesdays, apprising writers can join the Catch Da Flava Magazine workshop and write for Catch Da Flava magazine. Catch Da Flava also have their own radio workshops on Tuesdays that are welcome to all youth.

Every Wednesday we run a Diva girls program, where young women can get the chance to go on trips, create artwork, and even learn to dance.

Apprising radio hosts can learn all the technicalities and the behind the scene works of radio production on Thursdays during our Youth Radio training workshop. There is also another video production workshop that runs every Thursday where youth can show off their acting and directing skills.

On Fridays youth who are interested in music can come in and learn everything from how to rap to how to produce and create original beats. Also happening on Fridays is the Social Media workshops where youth can create there own blogs and learn about all the ins and outs of the new uprising social media phenomenon.

Finally, on Saturdays is one of our most popular workshops, the DJ training workshop. During this workshop youth can create learn how to DJ and learn interesting facts about this art form.                                           

So whether you are a youth interested in radio, graphic design, or just want a space were you can express yourself, you are more than welcome to come utilize the tools and facilities we have this summer.

It’s not too late to sign up and take advantage of this free opportunity!

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