Divas Program Student Feedback

Hi, my name is Fazeela and I am one of the students in the Divas girls program and I am in grade 8 and I go to Lord Dufferin Public School. Here at the diva girls’ program we support each other and share are ideas. Diva girls is all about learning new things and having fun.

At the Divas girls program we do different activities every week, and each activity has a lesson to it. Like one of the previous activity that we did, was based on our community witch made me realize how lucky I am to have a great and giving community.

Another week at the dive girls we had a guess come in and teach us about healthy living. She also thought us what we need to live a clean and healthy life. She also thought us how we all should interact with each other. She also thought us what kind of food our body needs to live a long a healthy life.

Just like these two activities that we did, every week we do different activities like cooking, tai dia, healthy living, our community and many more. They also provide snacks and drinks. At the end of each class we do our journals to make sure that you had a great time and to see what you learned.

The adults at the diva girls program are just amazing. They help and support us. And when you need help their always there for you! They also help you make the right choice and they teach you the different between good and bad.

The diva girls program helps you SPEEK UP and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARED.

I look foreword to going to the diva girls program every week hopping I will learn something new that will impact on my life now and for the future. Every day my little sister would come to me and say "Do we have the diva girls program today" And she just couldn’t wait, that’s how fun and entertaining diva girls is.

Once a month at the diva girls we go on trips or go watch a movie at the theater! We also go play outside for some fresh air, and we play games inside! We also celebrate our birthdays with a big cake!

By: Fazeela Fahim

Thank You!
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