The divas girls program is about empowering young girls and developing sisterhood. We are going to be learning and discussing the importance of being a young girl when it comes to gender discrimination, body image, nutrition and many more by using various art forming. Numbers of young girls came out and joined us on Friday March 14th, 2011. There was numerous of fun educational activities going. We start few icebreaker games to get to know one another, and we also did Art workshop. This workshop is to encourage young girls to express their self-image by creating a collage on how the media impacts them on their daily lives and how they view themselves. They were provided with magazines, they were able to cut out images to create a collage. Guess what??!?! The Divas did a fantastic job and we had a blast! Thanks to all the Divas and staffs for making it happen. Wait…did you really think this is the end?! This is just the beginning Divas! We got more fun educational activities up coming! So, please don’t hesitate to come join our amusing, positive environment. See you all next Friday!


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