Disaster in Japan - Radio Show

Today we are going to talk about disaster in Japan and we have here Fee, Issac, William, Tre and Emmanuel. Some of discussion is below for more information long on CKLN88.1FM

March 11, Am8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan's northeast coast launching a tsunami that swallowed villages and vehicles, and sparked fires. Local media say the death toll could pass 1,000. It's the biggest earthquake to hit Japan on record.

March-15 As relief and recovery efforts continue, another earthquake, this one magnitude-6.1, hit Japan today, southwest of Tokyo. And Japan's prime minister says there's a "high risk" that more radioactive material will be released at a quake-damaged nuclear plant.

At this moment Japanese people and the world stand by them. Is that true that  the Chinese government like always don't care about the rest of the world ?
 if the Chinese government are rich is because of the rest of the world, if you are not part of this world, fine just isolated yourself let's see what will you become.


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