Radio - Teenage Pregnancy - The Reality

Today our host is Kelvin and Issac. In addition, we have William and Tre in the house to discuss about very serious issues teenage Pregnancy.

Issic  is said there  is an extremely difficult situation for a teen to deal with a teenage pregnancy, current statistics reveal that approximately 10% of girls 19 and under do get pregnant.

It is a beautiful and exciting thing for a baby to be created, yet it can be a frightening and uncertain time for a teen that was not planning to become pregnant. Many girls are terrified to tell their parents they are pregnant, while others have highly irresponsible or abusive parents who are absolutely not a refuge or resource for their pregnant teenager. 

 Kelvin said  Teen pregnancy rates in Canada dropped nearly 37 per cent over a decade, say researchers who point to some of the reasons why. The study, released Wednesday in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, showed Canada's rates of teen pregnancies between 1996 to 2006 declined 36.9 per cent, compared with a 25 per cent decline in the U.S., a 4.75 per cent fall in England and a 19.1 per cent increase in Sweden.
Tre said he knows one of his class made she was 14years old when she got first time permanent. It is very sad for our society that our teen getting pregnant in very young age.  

Issac said there is lack of sex education that is why we have high rate of teen-age pregnancy.  To resolve this problem we have to promote sex education for teens.
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