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This week at Catch Da Flava we talked about some Big Stuff. We began with a discussion about the recent shootings in Regent Park and how powerless that can make us feel.

Featured Hosts Isaac, Leyia and Stephanie really got honest about how hard Big Stuff and Big Feelings can be, especially when we don’t have the tools to deal with them.

That’s when we got into the power of Art. Catch Da Flava Hosts Calvin and Onik asked our Featured Hosts powerful questions about how Art can free you from really bad Big Stuff and Big Feelings.

Isaac talked about how funny stories and jokes can be a way to solve problems. Stephanie opened up about her passion for singing and dancing, and how it has made difficult times in her life easier to handle.

In an amazing act of spirit and courage, Leyia read an amazing poem she wrote. Catch Da Flava will be posting it next week.

The most amazing part of our Featured Host panel was the realization that every major civil rights moment travelled in songs, poems, stories, visual art and plays to overcome oppression. The idea that a single person with a brush, or a pen and paper, can change the world with art.

Click here to Listen!

Catch Da Flava will be presenting a pre-recorded show on the local political process on October 19th, where we will chat frankly with Joe Pantalone, George Smitherman, and Sarah Thomson on the future of youth issues in Toronto.

October 26th will feature a live Featured Host discussion on Bullying. This will include written word and live performance by youth who seek to change the world. If you would like to submit a piece for the upcoming Bullying show, you can come to Regent Park Youth Focus (600 Dundas Street East, lower level) on Tuesday October 19th at 6pm.

Producer Saima Noreen will be chairing a creative meeting for art and topical discussion pieces you my want to include. Catch Da Flava is your voice, and Bullying is Big stuff with a lot of Big Feelings in it. Formats are about 5 minutes each.

Come change the world with us!

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